Testimonials on my Photography work

From Promoters & musicians

"We are delighted with the coverage in the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald. Thank you so much for making this possible!  Your expertise has provided us with a wealth of memories of one of the happiest events I have ever been involved in.

Thanks again Pauline for providing so many wonderful memories of the day." Alan Foulis Mugdock Triathlon

'The photos are FANTASTIC!!!!!!   I am absolutely thrilled with them'


"These photos are excellent - thanks.  Some of the best I've seen of a live band." Robert Marton Admiral Fallow manager

"Thanks for all the support and the fantastic Photos!" Emeli Sande musician and singer

'I'm a big fan of your work, very animated!’ David Craig, DJ and promoter.

'You're really very talented & have a great eye - it's a rare skill!"  Kirsty McGee and Hobopop


"Thanks a million - you really got it! Some great pictures right across the park - very good close ups and crowd scenes too. You seem to have captured the whole event, bags of atmosphere. You used the light exceptionally well : rain and sunshine too with bags of contrast. They are full of life and really catch the spirit of the festival!"  Robert Kay, Director Kilsyth festival

 "You have a wonderfully observing and imaginative eye."

"They are all good and some are superb."Pat Westend website.


"I love the one you sent which was in black and white.. it captures the assence of his stage performances - with piano playing and singing but also with a lot of happiness."

 "They are fab as always, you're truly amazing at your art."  Katie Sutherland

" You've watched the film as a 'film', not as a script. We've been in this business for a few years and I've rarely met another professional who can watch so carefully and articulate their response so acutely."  Comments on my Review by Owen Thomas Film Director



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